How to Learn Calculus the Easy Way

Most college students are hesitant to take calculus because they consider it one of the most difficult subjects. However, those who take up engineering, chemistry, physics, and mathematics have to take this subject if they want to graduate from their course.
Just like any other subjects, there are some techniques that will help students cope easily with its demands. Here are some tips on how to learn calculus the easy way.
First, acquire basic knowledge and skills needed to understand the basic principles. For Calculus, a strong foundation in arithmetic is important. Master the four basic operations on whole numbers, fractions, and irrational numbers.
Second, study in advance by reading and understanding basic concepts and principles. Read the topics in your book and try solving some of the problems given. Some textbooks provide answer keys for some items. Trying to solve the items and checking your answer using the answer key is one way on how to learn calculus fast and easy. If your answer is different from the answer in your book, go over your computation again and discover where you have gone wrong. If you cannot find the right answer, you can ask for some explanations from your teacher when you have your class.
Third, pay close attention to the discussion and take down notes for future reference. Solving problems in calculus involves a step-by-step process and oftentimes, when you can follow the steps, you will have better chances of arriving at the correct answer. If a certain explanation is not clear to you always ask questions. Your teacher will appreciate you for asking rather than for pretending that you understand the lesson even if you don’t.
Fourth, do your homework on the day it is assigned so that the principles and procedure of solving the problems are still fresh on your mind. Once you have already forgotten the steps, you will lose your interest to do your homework because you do not know how to do it. Not passing your assignment will surely affect your rating.
Fifth, always study long before a test is scheduled. Unlike other subjects, getting familiar with the procedure in solving problems in calculus is important if you want to learn and master calculus.
Last, practice, practice, and practice. Remember that the problems that you will encounter in calculus vary at all times. By spending time to practice, you will encounter different kinds of problem and you will know how to solve each. During the test, you will be able to answer the test surely and quickly. Consistent and persistent studying will bear good fruit as indicated by the improvement in your scores and marks in school.
How to learn calculus is not as daunting as many students claim. As long as you are persistent and consistent in studying and as long as you spend time daily to do some learning activities, you will be able to do well in calculus and be counted among the few students who find calculus easy and interesting.

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